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Kawkawlin River Watershed Association

boat on the riverThe Kawkawlin River Watershed Association (KRWA) was formed in 1993 with the objectives of promoting and advocating for watershed issues in the Kawkawlin River basin. Primary among these issues include recreation, safety, education about watershed issues, and the conservation and protection of water quality. To that end , the KRWA sponsors several events and projects that increase appreciation of the Kawkawlin. These projects include a long-term water monitoring effort, the placement of channel marker buoys for recreational boaters, an annual river cleanup event, a website, and the publication of a quarterly newsletter. The KRWA also works in the interest of watershed residents and property owners with regard to issues such as dredging and marine and winter safety patrolling of the navigable area of the river. The KRWA currently has approximately 150 members who subscribe at a minimum of $25.00 per member per year.

Flag PictureThe Kawkawlin River Watershed drains nearly 250 square miles in four counties (Bay, Midland, Gladwin, and Saginaw) and contains land area in 14 townships.